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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday-Monday Jan. 16-17 ---2011

Workout - Sunday/Mondays workout was horsing around in the snow and sledding for @ 5 hours Sunday and another 4 hours Monday morning. While this isn't a true "workout" it was an enjoyable type of exercise. Hauled my daughter up a hill a couple of times. And at @ 30 #s after walking up a hill you will get winded.

Food - I hope you all dont expect me to count calories when on a weekend trip with friends and family although I didn't pig out as bad as I used to.

Random - Sunday morning started off with a double whammy of bad news. First my mother called to inform me than an uncle  had passed away. He had been in declining health for over a year. Then when we are finishing packing for the 3 ish hour drive to Snow Mountain the park calls to say they have moved us from a 5-5 sledding time to a 4-6 and they are closing the park at 7pm instead of 10pm. Luckily they did redeem themselves, for us at least if not other partys that were ... forced to adjust their plans, they gave us free tickets Monday morning to come back and play in the snow. Just so happens the tickets were also good for some more sled time. :D
Anyways sorry I didn't post this last night. I know my daughter was out cold by 7:15pm. She doesn't normally head to bed till 7:30-7:40 ish. And my wife and I were in bed by 9. I was drooling and she was well on her way there.

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